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Saturday, January 22, 2005

More Details...What is Stealth Player?

I've noticed many developers don't like to talk specifics about their software before it's complete and on the market. They do this in fear that someone will steal their idea. I’m not worried, partially because I’m nearly done and partially because I know this software isn’t trivial. So here goes…

I’m developing software that aims to increase safety, privacy, and visual experience while viewing adult content (OK...PORN) on the internet.

Stealth Player has two major components. The first component spiders the Internet looking for freely available galleries and catalogs the galleries and content into a database hosted on my site. My system has been cataloging unique galleries at a rate of ~40,000 every 24 hours (I expect this to slow over time). Each gallery is categorized and its contents are checked for broken links and file sizes.

The second part of the software is basically a custom gallery browser and media player. The browser “talks” to the database of galleries over the internet (using Web Services) and displays a thumbnail selection of galleries to the user. When a user clicks a gallery of images, the browser opens a window that automatically slideshows the images. When the user clicks a gallery of videos, the browser opens a new window that slide shows the videos in which it plays the first video while downloading the second. When the first clip completes the second is played, etc… and it does it seamlessly. It effectively joins all the video clips in a gallery into one video, without waiting. It can also slide show galleries of mixed content interlacing video with still images.

A couple other basic features worth mentioning:
Users can -
+ Add and remove content to and from slideshows.
+ Rate galleries – an overall community rating for each gallery is tracked by the database.
+ Report Illegal content which every complaint is internally reviewed and if deemed illegal reported to the appropriate authority.
+ Sort, group, delete, and search galleries almost like email.
+ Archive slideshows and content which is encrypted and stored as otherwise unidentifiable files that can only be opened with Stealth Player.

Other Features -
+ Application is hidden from other users of the computer and can only be opened with correct username and password. It leaves no discernable trace of adult content viewing on the computer protecting children, non-understanding spouses, and guest computer users.
+ Because this is a closed system, there are no aggressive advertisements that can take control of your browser or attempt to install malware (spyware, adware, dialers, etc...).
+ Tabbed browsing like in FireFox.
+ System automatically detects and removes broken links.
+ Escape key works as “Panic Button” which closes all windows incase of unexpected interruption.
If I this goes well and there’s a sufficient user base I would like to partner with content providers to distribute their premium content through this closed system with unified billing to the consumer, taking a cut along the way. As a side benefit to content providers, the content cannot be shared outside of stealth player thus protecting there material from piracy. Again, the idea is to create a positive relationship with users in which they feel safe and their privacy is protected while providing the best visual experience.

Well that's it. The software is already usable and in the process of refinement. Testing has shown the application to be highly valuable. The benefits of using it are immediately clear and I have received significant interest from willing beta testers. The only things left to do it are polish and sell it.


  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger dkjariwala said…

    Wow, that's interesting idea. Would love to lay my hands on this piece of software! ;)

    [Coming from JoS]

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