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Friday, January 21, 2005

Web Site Development

I worked on site design tonight, you can check it out here. I don't usually attempt design myself, but this is not the kind of site that I'd use a template for. In the past I've used BoxedArt for site templates, but honestly I think none of those templates would have been right for this. They're overly complicated for my needs and I don't think it would save me any time.

I've learned html about 8 years ago. At the time WYSIWYG html editors were starting to come into their own, but I still preferred notepad. Today, I use PhotoImpact to mock up the general site and then to clip the needed images. I like this product because it can work with tons of file types including .psd files from adobe. It's got it's share of issues, but for the money I'm not complaining. I'd love to hear from any readers on how and what they use for site design.

Once I've the basic site layout, I use the HTML view in VS.NET to create the general layout. With the layout complete for one page, I'll use the page to create a "master page" template. No, I'm not using ASP.NET 2.0, but I created a hack that does basically the same thing. I should try Xheo skinner, but I know my own code and don't have anything to figure out.

I'll publish the default page, to get things started. As you'll see, the fonts haven't been figured out yet, I'll leave it like that for now and apply a style sheet layer.


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