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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Web Site Development

I haven't posted for some time now, so here is a quick update. Real world work has been getting the better of me lately and my time spent on Stealth Player hasn’t gone as expected. I intended to complete the web site’s new look using a template I purchased. I then quickly realized the template had the elements and color scheme I needed for the application itself.

Hey, I’m not a designer. I knew that from the start, but in my haste I didn’t take the time to look for outside help. So here I am, updating the Stealth Player UI. That’s OK though, it looks sharp and I made it even easier to use.

On a technical note: NEVER waste your time on custom painting a treeview or listview in .NET. It’s a total waste of time. I’m tossing my original efforts in that area for a more home grown control. I’ve gotten better at GDI+, so I find it easier to start with a clean slate than to work with the crap that comes with the .NET framework.

I’m ever closer to launch. I’ve decided I’m going to finish the app before I market it. Not that market it now would be a bad idea, but I don’t have enough focus to efficiently do both. This coming long weekend (president’s day) should be great for getting this stuff done and out the door.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Death of the Computer?

Here's an interesting article on Business 2.0 that is only interesting because it's completely wrong. Unfortunately, a writer was inspired to pontificate that computers are going to be replaced by dumb internet clients just because google can replace his calculator.

This guy is obviously a power user. I don’t think he has any idea what it takes to port desktop applications to the web. What about graphics intensive items, like games? I think he got it backwards, the PC isn’t dying – it’s being reborn in new forms. I think he’s missing the big picture, which is: My cable box. It has more memory, more hard drive space, and more processing power than my PC of four years ago. He thinks more things are replacing the PC, I say more things are becoming a PC. Sorry for the rant.