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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Home Stretch

Ok, real world work is finally slowing down. It’s hard to come home and work more when your mind is too tired.

Here’s the latest news! Screenshots will be up on this blog tomorrow. The new site will be up by Monday. And the application will be up by the end of next week!

It’s been a long journey to get this far. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a developer and about the business of software. Conquering my need to over engineer has been one of my greatest accomplishments for this project and here’s why…

In September I wanted to build an application that could be configured to spider the internet and catalog items of interest. It was going to be infinitely configurable and could create a library of searchable offline content for your area of interest. Are you interested in PDF documents about internet marketing? It could find that. Would you like to find AVI and MPG files larger than 2MBs? It could find that.

In fact, I thought of a lot of different uses. All types of internet users would find this application useful. However, the reality is, this line of thinking is completely bogus.

If I was selling you 4 wheels, and engine, a ton of metal, a welder, some foam, leather, wires, etc. and said you could build a car with it, you’d say “no way” and run to the nearest Lexus dealer. My problem… I was making the raw material for which the average person wouldn’t know what to do with.

I came to this realization in the shower one morning (where many of my epiphanies occur). It was then I decided to build the Lexus of porn viewing.

Step one: Focus on one group of users. I chose the largest group of users on the internet that many times PAY for services.

Step two: Take as much complexity away from the end user as possible. No configuration, no setup, just point and click. All the dirty work is done on by my servers and ugly console apps.

Step three: This is the most important step. Just do it! Start now. Don’t create some grand design because if your final version looks anything like your original vision then you’ve screwed up (or you have incredible foresight).

This line of thinking got me going in the right direction. I got feedback from some very candid friends. I found out what people would like, if there were an application dedicated to viewing porn on the internet.

I’d ask, what are the problems you’ve had looking at porn on the internet? Here are some responses:
My wife (mother in law) sees the history in the browser location window.
I hate when I get redirected to another site that doesn’t have the content I was looking for.
I hate having to close 10 browser windows when I’m done.
More importantly, I hate trying to close 10 browser windows when my wife gets home early.
I don’t like it when sites take control of my browser and won’t let me leave.
I hate not being able to save files for fear that my wife (or kids) will see them.
The short clips would be better if I could play one right after the other.
Navigating galleries can be a pain because to see the next picture I have to click back then click on the next thumb.
I don’t like to wait for things to download!
Sometime it seams like I find the same content over and over again.

You get the idea. I’ve managed to solve all these problems. With my original idea, if a user could get past the configuration, I would have only solved a few problems.

Stay tuned…I’m very excited to see when everyone thinks.


  • At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Berlin Brown said…

    Between the lazy guy, Damien Katz?, you are now on my hero list. That is awesome. Develop a product that people want.

  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger Ian said…

    Thanks! I can’t tell you how much your feedback means to me (any feedback really). It’s especially helpful because I’m wrapping things up now. So much to do…and the encouragement goes along way to keep me pushing to the finish line.


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