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Friday, March 25, 2005

Stealth Player Beta for XP Ready

I'm not advertising it yet, but on the Stealth Player web site you can now download the Stealth Player Beta for Windows XP. It may work on other OSs but I haven't tested them yet and I'm not in a big hurry. 78% of the web site visitors are using XP.

If you visit the website you'll notice only the default page and download pages are working. The other pages will be available soon. What I'm really testing now is the delivery process mostly with friends and anyone interested through this site.

The actual application code has some known issues that I'm working on, but nothing too serious. The cool thing is that Stealth Player was designed to be self updating. When I publish new binaries to the website they get downloaded when Stealth Player starts. This will ensure that all users get the latest fixes. I hope to never make users uninstall and reinstall to upgrade, but I’m not sure how realistic that will be.

If you would like to give Stealth Player a try, here is a link directly to the download page.


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