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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Beta 2 Release Date: July 5th, 2005

Beta 2 will be available starting July 5th. All existing beta testers will be automatically upgraded when Stealth Player is started after July 4th. If you experience any issues with the automatic upgrade please email

Unfortunately, existing testers will loose archive and favorites information. Gallery data will be purged and replaced with a new system that will add about 100-500 hand sorted galleries a day. In the end, the hassle of loosing your archive will be worth it.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

IPod Photo Giveaway!

OK, OK, this is not an original idea. In fact I was reading someone else’s blog today and they were doing an IPod giveaway! I though, wow, what a great way to get people to try your app! After thinking for a little bit, I came up with a great promotion that will tie into a future feature for Stealth Player. It will go something like this:

IPod Photo Giveaway, try Stealth Player and sign up to win an IPod Photo! On the day the winner is announced a Stealth Player feature will be released that allows you to add your favorite images from Stealth Player directly to your IPod! From there the images can be displayed on your TV, on the IPod color screen, or swapped with friends!

I know what you’re thinking…why would I want to put pornographic material on my IPod? To be honest, I don’t know, but I do know there are services that send pornographic images sent to cell phones. Mobile porn seems to be the next big thing for pornography, so while I don’t understand it, I might as well embrace it.

I also like this idea because it’s repeatable. When IPod Video comes out I can do the same type of promotion/feature all over again. Anyone have any thoughts? Is this lame?


Back from Vacation…Back to Business

I’m back and I think the jet lag has worn off. I was able to clear my mind of Stealth Player for 2 weeks and found it quite refreshing. I’m coming back to work with a new perspective. I think it will help to get a look at what I’m doing from a few steps back.

I’ve added a couple links on the right and wanted to make sure they get noticed. These are blogs that have linked to the Stealth Player blog and I would like to thank them for doing so. After all, this blog is about my experience starting a MicroISV, not about pornography. These bloggers realize this fact and have generously linked to this site.

First up is the NGEDIT blog (Next Generation Editor). This guy can CODE. When I read his blog I hear a whooshing sound, as most of his material fly’s way above my head, reminding me that I’m not a hard-core programmer. Keep an eye out for the availability of a Beta version; I can’t wait to see what the advanced features are going to be.

Second is the Rapid Signal blog. Dimitris is building a web based CRM system and has an informative blog on starting a MicroISV and other things software. Best of luck Dimitris.

I plan to add more MicroISV links to this blog over time, especially the ones I enjoy reading.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

In the last month I’ve been making great improvements to Stealth Player. I initially thought I would release these changes as the first Release Candidate, but it will be a Beta 2 version instead. The primary difference is that I want the Release Candidate to include all aspects of the program. The next version will not include the paid licensing aspect of the software and will still be free for all to use.

RC1 will contain code to manage the trial and purchase of the license. The pieces are in place, but are not enforced. I’ve decided that RC1 users will have to input a fake CC# and expiration date to continue using the system after the trial time has expired. It will still be free to use, but will require a little more effort on the part of the end user and this will be a good test of the licensing component.

Unfortunately for my development efforts, I’m off on vacation for two weeks. However, I will return even more dedicated to getting my MicroISV off the ground. The current plan is to release the Beta 2 version at the end of June.

On a personal note…I must say, I’m extremely frustrated that I’ve allowed this much time between releases. When I look at the Beta 1 that is publicly available, it makes my stomach ill because I know how much better the latest version is! The saying goes “release early and often”. Well I got the early part right!