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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Beta 3 and Payment Processors

I haven't posted in a while and for good reason...I'm just too busy and while posting is nice, it doesn't help get things done.

I've been battling multiple fronts since the last post and to make this post have some sort of continuity, I'll write on each front separately.

Take my money damn it!
Yes, I still haven't gotten some of the images from a third party vendor because they can't figure out how to make easy money. Lesson here is have multiple ways to process payments.

Help, I've falling into a deep chasm and I can't get up!
Some how I've fallen into a void somewhere between porn and software. Porn payment processors don't seem to want me because I don't sell porn and software payment processors don't like the fact that my software is for viewing porn. So heaven doesn't want me and hell's afraid I'll take over.

My web site sucks and I know it
If you didn't notice, the old web site (that sucked) is gone and has been replaced by a new temporary web site (that also sucks). On the upside, a new site is coming from design outpost and doesn't suck.

A good website will inform your visit of exactly what your offer and give them a call to action...all without having to read one paragraph. That's not to say you can't have a paragraph full of details, but no one is going to read a paragraph just understand what you have to offer. A great ebook on this subject is offered up by Seth "Knock Knock".

Beta 3 has arrived; Didn't you get the memo?
The new Beta (sigh) is out. I'm not happy that I have yet another Beta, but on the flip side, I don't have a payment processor, so why not continue to give it away for free (for life if you sign up before Oct. 31st).

Beta 3 is not a continuation of Beta 2. No, in fact it's an all new code base. The feedback so far has been great (positive) and even though it kicks ass, I'm still making improvements.

Losing money, but making up for it with volume
Yes, I've started paying for advertising...for free software. In fact, I'm paying as much as $2 a day for google to run a tiny add that will direct at most 20 people a day to my site.

Actually, I'm trying to test the adwords waters to see how the system works. I've heard some people have problems getting their campaigns running right. I figure I'll have 10X the problems because I'm in that porn software no man's land.

Guerrillas in the mist
Guerrilla marketing is not only cheap, but it can be fun. I've started posting on all types of internet forums (that are appropriate) with a tag line that directs people to my site. It's not spamming because I try to add to the conversation and it drives most of my traffic at this point.

Honestly, I could be doing more on this front, but for now (like adwords) I'm just testing the waters. I figure I should budget about 1 hour a night just for posting to forums.


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