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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Site and Finally Got CC'd

Ok people, I'm happy now. As you can tell from the last post, I was starting to loose my mind with payment processors and the minutia of getting things ready for launch. I've finally got good news though, I have a credit card payment processor! The best part is the discount rate, it's very reasonable and so is the monthly fee(s).

New Web Site
The basic premise for the new web site is up, but obviously has some place holder text.

As I've said in the past, I love to track everything, so here's some of the things I'll be tracking when the site is done and I'm accepting orders:

Pages to Downloads = What pages are the most often viewed that results in a download

Features to Downloads = The main page has a feature rotator that details a single feature of Stealth Player. I'll know which features are most often shown that then lead to downloads.

Bullets to Downloads = Again on the main page, there's a bulleted list of reasons to try Stealth Player. I'm going to create several versions of this list/content area and track which version leads to downloads.

Testimonials to Downloads = Again like the features and bullets above, this rotator for testimonials will be on the bottom left pane of the site. While testimonials will be anonymous (for obvious reasons) I still think they factor in to visitors decision making process.

Adwords to Downloads = Duh, tracking for my adwords campaign.

I'm on Track
I'm on track now for a Nov. 1st live date. I don't have any grand plans though, it will be done with little fan fair and I'll slowly start turning on the marketing dial on with guerilla style marketing, adwords, blogs, press releases, and affiliate partnerships.


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